Helping Charities Reach More People Online

Did you know that as a non-profit organisation you may be eligible to receive FREE FUNDING to reach millions more people online?

In today’s competitive market, charities and non-profit organisations need great marketing strategies to gain the support and contributions they desperately need to help their cause, but often find they don’t have the finances to support this. But there is a solution.

You may be eligible to receive a Google Ad Grant worth $10,000 EVERY month to spend on advertising!

There must be a catch, I hear you ask. Well there is one. You MUST spend the funds on sponsored search (also known as PPC or Google Ads). But, as Google has an 80% share of the search engine market in the UK this is not really a catch at all.

Just think what another $10,000 a month could do for your cause. How many people could you reach? How much more could you receive in contributions and support?

Of course, with this spend, you have to constantly monitor your campaigns and achieve certain criteria to retain it, but that’s where we come in.

How Can We Help You

We have a passion for helping environmental and animal welfare charities and specialise in Google Ads, helping charities to maintain well kept campaigns that meet the ongoing criteria needed to retain the monthly grant.

One such organisation was The Born Free Foundation. When we took over the Google Ads management, they were facing a crisis. With new imposed criteria introduced by Google, they were at risk of losing the funding, due to the low performance of the campaigns. Not only did we retain the grant, we increased their conversions by  a whopping 1,239.05%.

Read the full case study here:- Google Ads Management for The Born Free Foundation – Case Study.

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