Why It Is Important To Take Time Off At Christmas

Why It Is Important To Take Time Off At Christmas

Are you taking time off at Christmas? As a business owner it can be hard to take time off at any time. In this article, I share my thoughts why it is important to take time off at Christmas

For many business owners, taking a holiday can be difficult both mentally and physically, especially if you are a solopreneur, but there are many benefits to taking time off at Christmas, even if you don’t celebrate the holiday season. Here are just some of them.

Recharge Your Batteries

Being a business owner can be hard work and if you don’t take time off work, it can have a huge impact on your mental, physical and mental well-being, which can result in lower performance and productivity. Taking a well-earned break gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries so that you start the new year refreshed and motivated.

Time For ReflectionTime Off At Christmas

Taking time off doesn’t always mean forgetting about your business altogether. It may simply mean you are stepping back from the day to day of working IN your business. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on your business over the last 12 months. What has worked well? What hasn’t worked? What can you do differently next year for it to work better and achieve the goals you want? When you take a step back from the daily grind you can see a much clearer picture.

Generate New Ideas

Having that mental space from the daily activities and allowing yourself to relax gives your brain the freedom of imagination. This is often where your most brilliant ideas come from. Maybe you have been facing an issue that you haven’t managed to resolve. Having the extra mental capacity may just help you come up with a new solution!

Mentally Prepare For The New Year

Most business owners have a marketing strategy that is based on the calendar year. Taking a break at Christmas can give you that mental shift to prepare you for the new strategy and all the activities you will be doing to achieve your goals in the new year.

Most Businesses Are Closed Anyway!

For most business owners, there is never a good time to take off, but with Christmas being a common holiday shut down period, taking time out now is likely to have the least impact on your suppliers and clients.

Spend Quality Time With Family & FriendsTime Off At Christmas

With school and business closures during the holiday period, the chances are more of your friends and family are taking time off. This makes it a great time to get together with the people you love that you have probably been to busy to spend quality time with during the year.

Remember Why You Started Your Business

When you made the decision to start your own business, it probably wasn’t because you wanted to work 70 hours a week. When you step back from your business you can think back to the reason ‘WHY’ you started in the first place. Was it to give your family a better life? It’s not a better life without you around to share it with them. Was it to make a difference in the world? The world will be a better place with you refreshed, focussed and motivated.  Remembering your ‘Why’ will help you to keep focus into the new year and beyond with all activities you do both in business, and personally.


So now you know the importance of taking time off at Christmas, will you be taking a break?


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