Social Media Followers Into Subscribers

5 Ethical Ways To Turn Social Media Followers Into Subscribers

Are you trying to find ways to turn your Social Media Followers into subscribers on your email list? In this article we explore 5 ethical ways to achieve this.

Why Get Them On Your List?

First of all, lets talk about WHY you would want to get them onto your list.

Social media platforms are a great way to build brand awareness and show your expertise and products/services but you are restricted to communications with your followers from within that channel. In addition, your post reach is restricted by algorithms which means that although you may have 1,000 followers, Facebook will only share your post with 2-5% of them.

If that isn’t bad enough, if your account was to be suspended or deleted for any reason, all your efforts have been in vain. You may also want to consider the fact that you are constantly fighting to be seen in a very busy newsfeed, whereas the average person received approximately 50 emails per day (I wish that was all I received!), giving you a much better chance of your message being read.

So now we know WHY you would benefit from getting them onto your email list, let’s take a look at 5 ethical ways you can achieve this.

1)   Share Your Blogs On Social Media

When writing your Blogs, be sure to include a Call-To-Action, pointing to a sign-up form for a newsletter or FREE download, and then post them to your social media channels. Rotate your Blogs so that they appear more than once over a period of time, giving you multiple opportunities to gain email addresses.

2)  Share you FREE Opt-in On Your Pages

A great way to obtain email addresses is to have a FREE download, giving your followers a ‘quick win’ on a particular subject. For more ideas of free downloads, see our blog ‘How To Build An Effective Email List Fast. These can then be incorporated into your sales posts on social media.

Remember to keep sales posts to no more than 20% of your overall content!

3)  Run A Contest

People love to get involved in contests and using 3rd party Apps like Wishpond and Woobox enables you to father the email addresses from each entrant.

Although Facebook gives you the facility to create timeline contests, avoid using these as you will not be given the email addresses of entrants

4)  Run A Challenge

Challenges are a great way to show your expertise and build relationships as people love being a part of something and achieving a common goal. These work particularly well in Facebook Groups.

When creating the challenge, ensure it is set up in a way that you send a daily email with that day’s activities. If people want to take part, they will have to hand over their email address or miss out on vital information.

5)  Add A Tab To Your Facebook Page

It is possible to add tabs to your Facebook page to promote particular products or services. There are many 3rd party Apps you can use to create very sophisticated looking pages to gather email addresses like Leadpages and 22Social. With Leadpages you can only create one tab, with 22Social you can create several.

So there you have it, 5 ethical ways to get your social media followers onto your email list. Can you think of any other ways? We would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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