9 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Facebook Business Page

9 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Facebook Business Page

Does your small business have a Facebook Business Page?

Wondering if Facebook is the right platform for you?

Many small businesses overlook the power of a Facebook Business Page as a credible source of marketing. Whether it’s the fear of having to spend all day glued to the screen, not knowing what to post, or simply seeing Facebook as a social network for youngsters to arrange their Friday night out. Whatever the reason, it’s time to think again.

In this article I will share the 9 main reasons why EVERY business, no matter how small, should have a Facebook Business Page.

1) Largest Social Network

Facebook has 2.41 BILLION active monthly users with 1.59 Billion of them logon on EVERY DAY! This gives you the opportunity to reach far more potential customers than your budget would allow for all other media combined – for FREE!

2) Mobile Accessibility

With the modern age upon us, 76% of adults now own a smartphone and over 1.94 million of them are using their smartphones to access Facebook,  it has never been more important to have a mobile presence, so that potential customers can access your information on the go. With a free downloadable App for Facebook, people can check up on your activity whether they are sitting on a bus or sitting in the canteen at lunchtime and all of this is…..yes you guessed it….for FREE!

3) Advertise Promotions

You can advertise any promotions you have available by simply adding a post on your page with a link to your website. But be careful……NEVER have more than 20% of your overall posts being sales posts as this will put followers off! Special ‘Facebook only’ promotions work particularly well as this will make your followers feel special and they will stay in contact to watch out for any future promotions you may have coming up. In addition, for a small cost you can create paid ads within Facebook to reach a wider audience.

4) Personalise Your Brand

As I have said many times before, people buy from people and this is where small businesses can gain a HUGE advantage over large faceless competitors by showing the human side to your brand. Engaging with your followers and showing them there are real people behind the company logo with updates about your team members and company activities will make them feel part of your ‘gang’ and build loyalty.

5) Brand Loyalty

With a personalised approach, you can begin to gain loyalty from your followers. If you constantly deliver useful information about your industry and interact with them, they will begin to like and trust you and in time, your competitors won’t get a look in.

6) Drive Traffic To Your Website

The ultimate goal in any business is to gain customers/sales and a Facebook Business Page can increase awareness of your services/products with links to deals and articles you have written. As I said before, be careful not to fill your page with sales posts as people don’t want to be constantly sold to. 80% of your posts should be informative and fun.

7) Social Proofing

35% of potential customers are more likely to buy a product or service from a business that has an active social media presence. People like to see how you have handled an enquiry for someone else and more importantly, what other customers have said about you in the reviews section of your page. A great way to build this is to ask happy customers to add a review on your business page so that others can see how well you have done. After all, if you needed a service and you had two companies to choose from, one of them with no social media presence and the other who is active with several positive reviews, which one would you choose?

8) Targeted Audience Advertising

With hundreds of Facebook demographics available including age, gender, marital status, location, job position and interests to name just a few, you can really laser target your advertising to your ideal client at a fraction of the cost compared to other media formats. For example, if you are a Solicitor in Portsmouth offering assistance for Asbestos related injury claims, you can choose to only target individuals within a particular radius of Portsmouth between the ages of 25-65 with a job position in the highest risk areas. With this much detail, you are far more likely to gain enquiries from the customers you seek and get a great Return on Investment.

9) Built-in Analytics

With Facebook Insights you can analyse your activity to see what is working well and what could be working better. This is a great tool, which is FREE! You can gain data such as when your followers are on Facebook so that you know the best posting times each day, to what response you achieved from each post so you can see the type of statuses are the most popular. You can even use this to see how well your competitors are doing to stay one step ahead of them.

If you are not sure how to use Facebook Insights effectively, check out our blog ‘How To Get Better Facebook Fanpage Results’ for more details of the valuable data it can provide.

Well there you have it. The list of advantages of a Facebook Business Page and these nine are merely scratching the surface. Has this changed your mind about creating one? Have you found other huge benefits for having one? We would love to hear your success stories in the comments below.

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This is Suzii, signing out till next time. Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Great points, and I completely agree. And I will add one more . . it has become the new yellow pages. When I want to phone a business, I go to facebook to get their number..

  2. Oh yes, I did a blog on this sharing the differences of a personal and a business page.. other than the obvious.. if you have a business you HAVE to have a business page to meet the terms and conditions there is so much more you can do on a biz page that you can’t do with a personal one. great tips

    • Thank you Kristen and yes, I’ve seen so many businesses try to use a personal profile for their business page and they don’t know what features they are missing out on. Thank you for your comment

  3. Great points. So many people ask this question, so I’m sure it will help a lot out. Social proof is big in my eyes. I love seeing that a business is active on social media, has reviews, and actually answers people who post to their page – a lot of businesses miss that last part.

  4. I agree. Who would not love Facebook? It is all “done for you.” One just have to jump in a take the initiative to create a page and some time here and there. When you think about it, it can be foolish not to take advantage of the social media if you have a business.

  5. Great post and I love the fact that you touched all the aspects of having a Facebook Business Page. I had a discussion with a client 2 weeks ago who was hesitating on having a Facebook account account and page. I will send your article to him.

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