How to Get More Website Traffic Free Using

How to Get More Website Traffic Free Using

Have you ever heard of

Want to generate more website traffic for your business?

Well is a great tool to help increase your website traffic......for FREE! is an online tool that enables you to attach your own clickable message on and link that you share across social media and you can use it for FREE! Don’t confuse this tool with which is simply a URL shortener. also gives you the ability to advertise your product/service on curated content in the form of a short advert that can help to drive a ton of traffic to your own website with just a few clicks.

In this article I will share the 4 simple steps to add a custom call to action to each and every website article that you share and you don’t have to be a tech geek to use it.

First of all, go to and sign up for a free account. Although there are paid options available, for most small business owners the free version will be more than adequate as it allows you to create personalised messages for one brand and receive up to 1,000 clicks per month. brandSTEP 1

When you first log in you will be asked to set up your brand.

The photo you select doesn’t have to be your logo, it will be whatever you are wanting to promote.

In this case we are going to create a call-to-action for our free eBook '15 Ingredients For Increased Facebook Success' . So we have added an image of the eBook.

Then the brand name you want to display. As you can see this is populated into the customer message as you create it at the bottom. Then click continue. CTA


 Step 2

Next is to create the message itself. This can be up to 60 characters in length. Then the button text and the website page you want to drive the traffic to

Again you will see how this looks as you type. Click on continue





Add the link to the web page you want your message to be displayed on.


 copy snip



Then simply copy and paste the unique URL into your social media status





That’s all there is to it!

There are, however, a few restrictions with the free version. First of all you can only create CTA’s for one brand. Also, you cannot change parts of the message like the colour of the button or the positioning of the message on the web page. In order to have more control, you would need to upgrade to the paid version which starts at $29 dollars per month.

You can create an unlimited number of CTA’s (Call-to-actions) and simply select the relevant one according to the article you are sharing. Different messages attract different people so having several word versions to choose from can help you to gain higher traffic to your website.

WARNING! If you change your brand image, all previous snips will be changed also. Therefore, if you use an image of an eBook, you can only create CTA’s for that eBook. To create different images for different messages, you will need to upgrade to the Basic or Pro version, depending on how many different images you want to use. Therefore, in some instances, an image of your logo or you would be better used.

Once you have created your first ‘snip’ you will be taken into your Dashboard. If you want to create another CTA simply click on the ‘New Call-to-Action button in the top right of the page. Click on the brand and you will then be presented with the option of 5 different types. Button, Text, Form, Image and Hidden, although again the Form and Image Ad types are for premium customers only. As a beginner on the free version, I highly recommend sticking to the button style. Then simply repeat steps 2 & 3 to create your new CTA.


GREAT TIP: If you use Google Chrome you can add a Chrome Extension making it even easier to ‘snip’ any page with just a click of the button. Simply install the extension and when you see an article you want to ‘snip’, click on the icon to the right of the URL bar. Then select the CTA you wish to use from the drop down menu (if you have created more than one), make any amendments you wish to the Message and click ‘Snip’ Analytics

On the main dashboard you can see a basic overview of your 'snip' performance analytics-overview

Here you can see how may snips you have created (including archived snips), how many clicks received, which is clicks on the article and how many conversions, which is clicks on your CTA. Here we are showing just one CTA, however if you have several, you will see the individual performance breakdown of them.

You can also amend the overview to show you all your brands or snips to see which individual article has generated the best conversions.

There are more indepth analytics available when you click on each CTA/Snip to track when and where the traffic source came analytics

This also shows the conversion rate, how many pages the visitor has clicked on and how much time they have spent on there.

You can also select the dates you want data to show for in the top right of the page.

Armed with this information, you can assess which platform is generated the highest website traffic, which articles are proving most popular and also what wording of your CTA’s is creating the best buzz. Giving you a valuable insight for future marketing.


With the ability to use with all major social media platforms and scheduling Apps, it is a very simple, yet powerful tool to help generate higher website traffic. One thing to clarify though, and this is a common misconception with some people, your CTA will ONLY appear against the link you have provided and NOT for every person that visits the article, regardless of their route. Visitors have to click on the link you have provided in order to generate the message on the article. Even with this in mind, you now have access to a tool that can gives you additional advertising power in a very crowded market place and that can only be a good thing.

Have you tried We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

If you have found this article helpful in any way, please tweet and share. After all…. Sharing is caring!

This is Suzii, signing out till next time. Have a great day everyone!



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    • Thank you for your comments Kristen. Give it a try it only takes a few minutes to set up and then only a couple of clicks each time you want to use it

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