How To Show Up As An Industry Expert During A Crisis

How To Show Up As An Industry Expert During A Crisis

Are you looking for ways to show up as an industry expert during the current COVID-19 pandemic?

In this article, I share 7 ways to interact with your audience that highlights your industry expertise to help you ‘show up’ effectively.

During difficult times, people look to experts for advice and support to help guide them through to the other side and our current situation is an opportunity for you to shine a light on your own expertise and be the people turn to within your industry, increasing the ‘Know, Like & Trust’ factor and ultimately gaining more clients. Here are some of the ways you can do this.

Create Articles With Guides & Tips

Most of my articles are ‘How To’ guides, enabling the reader, you, to achieve something. Whether it is how to market during the current crisis, or how to get the most from your Facebook business page. These types of articles showcase your expertise, give you great content for your website and social media pages and also help people to choose YOU as the person to listen to within your industry as they have gained valuable information or advice.

Answer Questionsincrease facebook engagement

If you have read any of my articles about your ‘ideal customer persona’ and taken action, you will know where they are hanging out. Join in on conversations with them, whether it is in Facebook groups or other online forums, networking groups. Answer their questions WITHOUT trying to sell your services. The more you give, the more you will receive. If one person is asking the question, there are likely to be 100 people thinking the same but don’t want to ask. Collate some of these questions and turn them into articles and posts too. Another great way to share valuable content to your audience.

Do Facebook LIVES

If you have been doing any online networking recently, you will have had experience being in front of a camera. Use this new-found confidence to do Facebook LIVES. You can share great tips, share a customer story or even hold a Q&A session. These are a great way for people to get to know the face behind the brand and increase their trust in you. But make sure what you are sharing is what your audience wants to know.

Be Present – Consistently

One of the common things I have seen during this crisis is brands going quiet on social media. This is professional suicide! More, now than ever, your audience needs to know you are there to support them, give them advice and generally be a constant in their lives.

If you were ‘showing up’ 5 days a week, continue to do so. If you suddenly go quiet, whether you are physically trading or not, your audience will find another page to follow that is still supporting them as they may think you had had to fold. Keep showing up consistently and positively.

Communicate Solutions Not Issues

Another thing I have seen so much on social media lately is doom and gloom. I totally understand that people are feeling stressed and worried. The last thing they need is for you to doing the same. You should be a positive light for them to follow. If there is an issue, talk about the solution to the issue (I am not talking politics here, I mean within your own industry). Talk about ways you have got around common issues like staff working from home or communications. How you have created an online version of your business so that people can still benefit from your expertise.

Always try to find the positive in every situation and share it. People need to hear good news now and doing this, shows you as someone who can find solutions to things.

Keep Up To Date With Changes

Most industries go through changes, I know Facebook and Google are always changing the way things are done, often with no notice.

Keep up to date with these changes and communicate them to your audience. It shows that you have your finger on the pulse and makes you the ‘Go To’ person with all the latest information. Add your opinion to the changes too as this shows your personality and individuality and ask your audience for their opinion. It will create great engagement!

Offer Advise & Support

As I said before, your audience is looking to you to give them the advice and support they need to get through this. They have followed your page for a reason. They have chosen you over one of your competitors. They already see you as an expert. Step up and show them that their decision was right.

As Maya Angelou once said ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’

This doesn’t mean your words and advice are pointless as they will forget what you have said, but that at the time of saying it, if you made them feel valued, comforted and supported, that will stay with them.

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This is Suzii, signing out til next time. Stay home and stay safe x

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