How To Link Your Googles Ads And Analytics Accounts

How To Link Your Google Ads And Analytics Accounts

Are you trying to link your Google Ads and Analytics accounts but don’t know how?

In this article I will give you a step by step guide to link your Google Ads and Analytics accounts and the benefits of doing so.

What Are The Benefits Of Linking My Google Ads And Analytics Accounts?

There are many benefits of Linking your google Ads and Analytics accounts. Here are just a few:-

Complete The Picture

Google Ads can show you which ads have generated clicks and conversions but what you cannot see is what has happened in between. With Analytics you can see the full behaviour of the website visitor from the moment they clicked on your Ad through to the Conversion or at what point they left the site before reaching your desired outcome.

Make Better Decisions

Knowing the visitors’ journey and how they react, can help you to make better decisions about whether your ads are attracting the right kind of traffic and if improvements are needed to your website. For example, additional information you can see in Analytics are things like the Bounce Rate (% of visitors who leave the website after viewing only one page), time spent on the page and average visit duration. If you notice that all of your clicks result in the visitor leaving the site almost immediately, then you need to make adjustments to your ads. If however, they all seem to be getting to the same point and leaving, then it may be a change to the web copy that is needed.

Remarketing Opportunities

Linking your Google Ads and Analytics accounts enables you to create audience lists based on your website visitors to retarget with Display remarketing campaigns. The lists can vary from all website visitors to people that have visited a specific page or even abandoned their shopping cart! As you can imagine, this kind of audience is more likely to purchase from you as they are already aware of your business and products or services. For tips on how to create a Remarketing campaign, take a look at our blog .How To Set Up A Google Ads Remarketing Campaign..

So now you know why it is a good idea to link your accounts, Let’s get down to the how.

How To Link Your Googles Ads And Analytics Accounts

Go into your Google Ads account and at the top of the main dashboard you will see a spanner with the word Tools underneath. Click on this icon and then select Linked accounts under Setup column.

How To Link Your Googles Ads And Analytics Accounts 1


You will then see a selection of accounts that can be linked to your Google Ads. In this instance, we are going to select Google Analytics. To do this, select Details.

How To Link Your Googles Ads And Analytics Accounts 2


You will now see a list of any Google Analytics accounts you have admin access to.

How To Link Your Googles Ads And Analytics Accounts 3

Above this list, you will be informed if auto-tagging is enabled (appears in blue text). If not, you have the options to enable it and I highly recommend you do so.

Once auto-tagging has been selected, click Link (in blue under the Actions column) against the account you wish to link.

A pop up box will appear with any reports set up in Analytics. This example shows only one with all web site data.

How To Link Your Googles Ads And Analytics Accounts 4


Click on the bar to enable link (moves to right and turns blue).

If you have more than one report set up in analytics you can only select one Import Site Metrics. Choose the one that has the most ‘clean’ information. For example, you may have a report that shows all website data except internal visits from members of the team. Click on the toggle for the relevant view to link that site metric and click on Save.

How To Link Your Googles Ads And Analytics Accounts 5


You have now successfully linked your Google Ads and Analytics accounts.

How To Link Your Googles Ads And Analytics Accounts 6

See it wasn’t as complicated as you thought! Now you can get some great insights into your website visitor’s journey and see where improvements can be made on your Google Ads and your website.


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