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How To Use Facebook Insights To Improve Engagement

Do you wonder how successful your engagement is on Facebook? Did you know Facebook Insights is a FREE analysis tool that can help you to analyse your content and followers to gain better engagement?

Insights is an amazing tool that gives you indepth data about your page performance and followers over a period of time. To find this data, click on the ‘Insights’ tab at the top of your business page (above the cover picture). To access the data you will need a minimum of 50 followers. As your fanbase grows, more data becomes available to you. 


You will then see the Overview screen showing  Page Likes, Post Reach and Post Engagement for the last 7 days with a comparison to the previous week. Note, overviewhowever, that the data is displayed in Pacific Time Zone (8 hours behind GMT). You can also see statistics for your last 5 published posts followed at the bottom by 'Other Pages to Watch' which shows similar businesses and their post performance, giving you an indication of your position with your market. (We will go into more detail later in this article).

You can then view more details using the options on the left. As you go into each of the left hand tabs, you can set the start and end period of the data you wish to analyse and within each individual graph, you can drag over particular date periods and further data is displayed showing the overall figures and percentages for the selected period. In addition, you can export  all of the data displayed on each page to an excel spreadsheet so that you have a permanent record of your improvement and what has and hasn’t worked in your Facebook strategies to date. Let’s take a look at the left hand tabs more closely.




net likes



From this tab you can see a breakdown, showing which days you received new likes or dislikes and how many. 


facebook insights




In addition, you can see where you likes happened. E.g. On your page or with advertising and a breakdown between mobile and desktop. Set goals for each month for the total number of likes you want to achieve and use this graph to assess if you are on target.




post reach


The first graph shows you a breakdown of your daily reach and how many were reached organically or via paid advertising. You can select to only show paid or only organic if you have a mixture of marketing happening concurrently.





Facebook Insights






The next two graphs show the reactions, comments and shares for each. If you want to display a clearer graph you can select just one engagement type to be displayed. Generally likes will be higher than other results. Having 100 engaged fans is far more valuable than 1,000 fans that do not engage at all. Therefore, these statistics can help to see that you are achieving your interaction goals.





hide posts


The fourth graph shows any negative actions i.e. if someone has requested to hide your posts or reported them as spam, giving numbers and dates (hopefully this will be minimal if your posts have been varied and interesting). It is natural, however, to receive some negativity as you will not be able to please every fan all of the time.







facebook insights


In this tab you can see a breakdown of the total people who have viewed your page by section, age & Gender, Country, City and by device. (Stats available will depend on the number of likes on your page This can give you valuable information whether your posts are resonating with your target audience or a different one.






This tab is the one I personally use the most. At the top of the page you have three options, ‘When Your Fans Are Online’, ’Post Types’ and ‘Top Posts From Pages You Are Watching’. Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

‘When Your Fans Are Online’facebook insights

This gives a breakdown of what days and times your page fans are on Facebook. When you hover over each day at the top, the online figures amend accordingly against the times below. This gives you a good indication when your followers are on Facebook so that you can schedule your posts to gain maximum potential of engagement. However, please remember, this only shows the previous week's results, therefore I recommend looking at this each week to establish the most up to date information.




post types


Post Types’

This tab displays the average reach and engagement of each post type so you can see clearly what types of post are more successful. This, again, should be analysed regularly and your schedule updated with more post types that your fans enjoy and engage with.




facebook insights



‘Top Posts From Pages You Are Watching’

This tab enables you to see which of your competitors’ posts have been the most successful. You can add pages to watch here and I recommend you add your competitors’ pages so you can see what is working form them and amend your strategy where necessary (especially if their posts are engaging more fans than yours).





facebook insightsBelow these graphs on each of the tabs are the results of the individual posts you have shared. They can be sorted into success order according to whether you want to look at the highest reach (organic and paid), or Engagement (which can be sorted by Post Clicks – blue or Reactions, Comments & Shares – red)







VIDEOS TABfacebook insights

In this tab you can see how many people have viewed your videos over different lengths of time and which days this took place.

With the first graph showing 3 seconds and the second showing 10 seconds. 



facebook insights

And finally you can see your top videos that have been viewed and whether they were via organic or paid reach, with the number of view. As with all the previous graphs, data is shown according to the date range selected.




people tab

This next tab is extremely useful when considering paid advertising on Facebook as it displays the breakdown of your fanbase based on gender, age group and location. This again has three tabs – your overall fanbase, People Reached and People Engaged.


This gives the overall breakdown of your business page fans. Giving the percentage of males to females, which age group and their location (Country, City and Language)

When you click on the other two tabs, you see the same breakdown but based on how many of each your posts reached and from those that engaged with your posts.


facebook insights





If you run a local business, the next tab can be very useful (if you are looking for facebook users that are in the direct vicinity). This will give you information of the busiest times, Day of the week, gender and age group within a selected radious (maximum 500ft) and period of time (1 week, 1 month or 1 quarter). Giving you a good indication if your business is situation within reach of your targeted audience.



As you can see, there is a huge amount of data you can gain from within Facebook itself that you can analyse to constantly help with improvements to your marketing strategy and increase your brand awareness, whilst keeping your existing fanbase happy, engaged and loyal.

What Insights have you found the most useful with your Facebook marketing? Let us know what has worked for you in the comments below.

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This is Suzii, signing out 'til next time. Have a great day everyone!

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