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Facebook Rolls Out More Changes To Business Page Layout

So they’ve done it again! Facebook have decided to roll out changes to the layout of business pages without any big announcement.

What Are These Changes?

There have been a few changes this time which means you may need to do some updates to the images.

Profile & Cover ImagesNew FB Profile

First of all, The Profile image has now moved to the left of the page so no longer obstructs the cover photo. Which mean, you may need to redesign your cover image if you have left a space where this used to be or it may look off-balance. They have also changed the size of the cover image slightly to 828 x 351 pixels from the original 851 x 351, however this is likely to make very little difference to your layout.

Information Tabs

Another section that has moved is your tabs, these used to be in a horizontal line below the cover image and are now a vertical list below the Profile image on the left of the screen. This allows for the Call to Action Button to be far more prominent on the right of the screen below the cover image, which must be a bonus for business owners, so make sure you are making the most of this feature!

new fb tabs

Page Features

The final noticeable change is to the Page Features (Visitor Posts, Images, Photos etc). These used to be on the left of the page and have now moved to the right hand side. This in itself, doesn’t really have any impact but it does help to keep the page looking more aesthetically pleasing to viewers.

new fb features

My Opinion?

All in all I think the changes are positive for business owners as you can create a great brand image without worrying about the profile picture obstructing part of it. The tabs moving to the left? Again I think this is a good move from Facebook as I think it highlights other areas of the page more prominently so that viewers can find out more about you easily.

The only negative point is that if you have a long page name like ours ‘marketingwithethics’, this now causes a text wrap so your business name may be harder to read (before there were more characters on one line within the cover image).

What Do You Do Now?

The only thing you need to do is to check your cover image. Has this now left an unbalanced gap? Is something important now missing with the size changes (highly unlikely). If you answer yes to either of these questions, you will want to redesign it straight away. One other thing worth checking is that you have a relevant ‘Call to Action’ set up as this is now very prominent.

So what do you think of the layout changes? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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