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How To Turn Your Email Subscribers Into Buyers

Are you finding it hard to turn your email subscribers into buyers?

Are you looking for ethical ways to increase your sales with email marketing?

Email marketing has been around since the dawn of the internet and over the years has become more widely used by small and large businesses alike.

As the popularity has grown, so has the awareness of the recipients and it is getting increasingly harder to achieve a good open rate, let alone turn these readers into buyers. ‘Selling’ to your email list is no longer a guaranteed way to achieve sales.

To be successful in the current climate, you need to take a different approach and in this article which is Part 3 of the Email Marketing 101 series (See Part 1 and Part 2 here), we will explore the 5 Step Process that I use to create a loyal following that turns subscribers into buyers.

1) Deliver Your Promise

First and foremost, a new subscriber is likely to have signed up for a free download, so you need to deliver this IMMEDIATELY! Automating this process using an email providers like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign enables you to send your ‘freebie’ whatever time of the day or night they have requested it. Keeping this as a manual process could delay the delivery by several hours and by then, the interest has gone cold. You know how annoying it is waiting for a delivery so don’t put your subscriber through the same frustration.

2) Segment Your List

Segmenting your list into different categories, according to the product they have downloaded, ensures that future content you send to them is relevant. For example, we have 2 key areas of our business, Google AdWords and Facebook. If someone has downloaded our eBook ’15 Ingredients for Increased Facebook Success’ they are probably not going to be interested in tips and articles relating to AdWords. Keeping them in the relevant category means that they are more likely to open and read your content and buy a product related to that interest.

3) Build Relationships

Building relationships is key to increasing the know, like and trust factor, which is essential if you want your subscribers to turn into buyers. In our initial email, along with the ‘freebie’ link, I include a photo of the team and a paragraph introducing ourselves, what we are passionate about and how we want to help the reader. That way, they know a little bit about us at the offset.

Don’t start bombarding them with sales and promotion emails. This will only prompt them to hit the ‘Unsubscribe’ button and all your efforts have been for nothing.

Show your personality in your emails. People buy from people and even if your industry has many experts, you are unique and the way you come across in your emails can be the difference between saying the same as other experts and standing out from the crowd.

4) Educate Your Readers

Continue to send useful tips and blogs about the area of their interest that can help them or their business. This is an opportunity to show your expertise within your industry and takes time, but it’s worth it. If you are taking time to help them with valuable content, you will be seen as the ‘Go To’ person, and if they have any questions or if they are considering a purchase of anything within that industry, YOU are the person they are likely to turn to.

5) Don’t Forget To Ask For The Sale

In step 3 we mentioned not bombarding your subscribers with sales and promotion emails. However, if you have followed the previous 4 steps and built that know, like and trust factor with helpful emails, when you do send a promotional email, they are far more likely to open it and respond with a purchase. Keep promotional emails to only approx. 10% of your overall content. The other 90% should be good quality, helpful information.

Follow the 5 Step process and you will find that your ‘Unsubscribes’ will reduce, your open rate increase and ultimately, you will have far more buyers of your product or service.

You can grab all 3 copies of the 'Email Marketing 101' blog series in PDF format here...

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