how to create an ebook to promote your business

How To Create An eBook To Promote Your Business

Are you thinking about writing an eBook to promote your business?

Are you unsure how to get started?

It seems that everyone is offering eBooks these days but if you are wondering if you should be creating one too, then this article is just for you!

Before we get into the ‘How To’ of writing one, let’s take a look at the ‘Why’ behind it. Do you understand how effective this can be as a sales & marketing tool for your business? No? Then let me explain.

I’ve recently completed creating my latest eBook ‘The Facebook Ads Winning Recipe’ and there were many reasons for writing it:-

  • I wanted to help small businesses with limited budgets to achieve faster, more effective results from their Facebook Marketing
  • To showcase my knowledge and expertise in the ‘Social Media Field’
  • To develop value and trust with my target audience
  • To build my email marketing list
  • To remind me that ‘I do know my stuff’
  • I love creating visual content.

Whatever your reasons, an eBook is a great way to show your target audience that you are an expert within your industry and gives them the opportunity to sample your knowledge in the same way a blog does, but with one big bonus, you capture an email in exchange for the download, which you can use for future marketing activities! Worried that giving FREE information will prevent a sale? Don’t be. If you ask any successful business person, they say ‘Give you best knowledge for FREE’. This way you are adding value and building trust with your audience, which is the foundation for any meaningful customer relationship.

Now that we have established ‘Why’ you should write an eBook, let’s take a look at the process itself.

What Do I Write About?

You will surprise yourself when you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) at the amount of knowledge you have stored inside your brain. You are an expert in your field and what seems natural or common sense to you could be of great value to someone else. For example, and IT expert could give a guide to setting up a home network or a Florist could give a ‘How To’ on creating a centrepiece for a dinner party. The list is endless. But remember – concentrate on quality, not quantity. This is a showcase for your business and if you waffle on, just to fill up the pages, your market will switch off. One of my most successful eBooks ‘8 Steps To Save Money On Your Google AdWords Campaigns’ is only 5 pages long!

How Do I Structure The eBook?

When deciding on the layout of your eBook, there are 11 steps that I follow:-

  • Cover Image – you want an eye-catching image that explains clearly what the eBook is about
  • Intro – Introduce yourself and how you are in a position to help the reader (experience)
  • Table of contents – List the chapters with page numbers
  • Brief Description – Give a brief description of what the eBook is about
  • Chapters – Break down each section into chapters and add page numbers for easy reference
  • Graphics – Add graphics to help explain a key point and add visual appeal
  • Key ‘Take Aways’ – Highlight Top Tips given for key information
  • Social Media Links – Add clickable Social Media links (icons) to your business pages on EVERY page.
  • Branding – Ensure your branding is clearly visible so readers can remember who provided the guide
  • Summary/Recap – Highlight the key points taught at the end
  • Call to Action – Add a call to action to conclude the eBook. This could be to sign up for a newsletter, connect on social media or even purchase somethingcreate ebook to promote your business

Here is an example of a page in ‘The Facebook Ads Winning Recipe’

At the bottom of every page I have the page number, clickable social media links and our company name.

I have also included images to demonstrate one of the steps and highlighted an ‘Important Tip’.

Following the above steps will give structure to your eBook, making the navigation clear and easy to digest.

What Do I Do Next?

Once you have created it, you want to save it as a PDF for sharing purposes and upload to some form of cloud storage e.g. Dropbox or Amazon S3. You will then have a link that you can share from your website or social media pages.

To give a professional look. I highly recommend creating a 3D mock-up of the book (as seen in the title image of the blog). There are many online sites that you simply upload your image to and click the button to create this. However, I have personally found that MyEcoverMaker is the simplest to use and gives a variety of formats from hardback book to iPad and you can have a monthly subscription for regular use or pay $4.95 per download.

You then want to create a sales page on your websites and set up an email host (you probably already have one) to gather email addresses when people sign up for the download.

Then finally, advertise it EVERYWHERE! Social Media is a great place to start with this as you can post images with the link and it doesn’t cost you a penny. However, with saying that, it sometimes pays to create an advertising campaign to really reach out. It may seem mad to pay for adverts to give a product away, but when you consider the email addresses you gain and the potential for future marketing, it really is worth it!

Blogs are another great way to advertise for free. For example, I have mentioned two of my eBooks in this one! And if you are a bit more tech savvy, you can also create pop-up boxes on your website using Leadpages or Mailchimp for WordPress.

So… do you feel more confident about writing your eBook? Are there any great tools you have found to help you? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear them.

If you want some tips to generate your Facebook Ads to get the word out about your book, then download my eBook ‘The Facebook Ads Winning Recipe’ HERE.

If you have found this article helpful in any way, please tweet and share. After all…. Sharing is caring!

This is Suzii, signing out till next time. Have a great day everyone!

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