How To Create Your First Remarketing Campaign

How To Set Up A Google Ads Remarketing Campaign

Thinking of creating a Google Ads remarketing campaign to target your website visitors but don’t know to do it? In this step-by-step guide I show you how to create a targeted audience and set up your first Google Ads remarketing campaign. How Do I Create An Audience Of My Website Visitors? The first thing you […]

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4 Google Ads Extensions You Need To Be Using

Are you overwhelmed by the number of Ad Extensions that are available? Do you want to know which ones have the biggest impact on your campaigns? In this article, I am going to share with you the 4 main manual Ad Extensions you need to be using to improve your Quality Score (QS), Click Through […]

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Top Google Ads Tips

Get Better Results With These Top Google Ads Tips

Looking for some top Google Ads tips to get better results from your campaigns? In this article, I am going to share my top AdWords tips that I use on our clients campaigns to achieve lower click costs, better ad position and better return on investment. So let’s dive straight in. Carry Out Keyword Research […]

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Adwords keyword match types

All You Need To Know About AdWords Keyword Match Types

Are you creating a Google AdWords campaign and not sure what keyword match types to use? In this article, I explain the four different types of AdWords keyword match types and how they can be used correctly to optimise your campaigns. What Are Keyword Match Types? Keyword match types are parameters that can be set […]

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Expanded Text Ads

Google Expanded Text Ads Have Arrived

In May, Google announced that they were going to introduce Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) which have been specifically designed to give mobile users more information before clicking on an ad, although this would be rolled out to all platforms. But what are they? And how do they effect advertisers using Google AdWords search network? What […]

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Google Ditches Right Hand Ad Placements

Google recently made their largest change to AdWords in 10 Years! By removing right hand ad placements on search results. This caused numerous speculations about the reasoning behind this action and the possible consequences to advertisers, especially small businesses. Google’s explanation for this update was that they wanted to improve the user experience and as […]

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How To Use Google Services For Online Business Success

Surprisingly, some businesses still haven’t grasped the importance of an online presence and even if they have, they are not fully aware of the various ways to increase their online profile using Google.In this article I will take you through some of the basic Google services that ALL businesses should be using and they don’t […]

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PPC Terminology explained part 2

PPC Terminology Explained – Pt 2

  In the last article, we covered some of the mind blowing terminology used in PPC advertising. If you missed it, here it is PPC Terminology Explained Pt 1 Today, we continue to assist your understanding of the industry. Click Through Rate Click Through Rate or CTR as your Pay Per Click consultant calls it, […]

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