How To Use Google Services For Online Business Success

Surprisingly, some businesses still haven’t grasped the importance of an online presence and even if they have, they are not fully aware of the various ways to increase their online profile using Google. In this article I will take you through some of the basic Google services that ALL businesses should be using and they […]

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PPC Terminology explained part 2

PPC Terminology Explained – Pt 2

  In the last article, we covered some of the mind blowing terminology used in PPC advertising. If you missed it, here it is PPC Terminology Explained Pt 1 Today, we continue to assist your understanding of the industry. Click Through Rate Click Through Rate or CTR as your Pay Per Click consultant calls it, […]

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google adwords terminology

PPC Terminology Explained – Pt 1

PPC Terminology can be very confusing for new users of Google AdWords. All industries have their own terminology and internet marketing is no different so its no surprise that you feel daunted when considering Pay Per Click advertising. In this 2 part series I will guide you through the most common terms you may hear. […]

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