Adwords keyword match types

All You Need To Know About AdWords Keyword Match Types

Are you creating a Google AdWords campaign and not sure what keyword match types to use? In this article, I explain the four different types of AdWords keyword match types and how they can be used correctly to optimise your campaigns. What Are Keyword Match Types? Keyword match types are parameters that can be set […]

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how to Write better emails that get results

How To Write Better Emails That Get Results

Do you want to write better emails that people actually respond to? Do you want your email marketing campaigns to start working better for your business? In this article I will share 15 top tips to not only get people to open your emails, but that actually respond and take action. So let’s get started. […]

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Facebook Organic Reach

The End Of The Line For Facebook Organic Reach?

Are you panicking about the possibility of the end to Facebook organic reach for your business? In this article, we explain the ‘Explore Feed’ testing and how it may affect you. What Is Happening To Facebook Organic Reach? It was recently reported that Facebook are carrying out tests to move all business page and public […]

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10 ethical ways to market your uniqueness

10 Ethical Ways To Market Your Uniqueness

Are you struggling to market your uniqueness? With a world full of competition it can be hard for your business to get noticed. In this article, we explore 10 ethical ways to market your uniqueness and help you to stand out from the crowd. 1) Be Authentic Don’t try to be something you’re not. Eventually […]

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How To Determine Your ROI On Your Marketing Spend

Do you know how to determine your ROI on your marketing spend? Are you truly measuring ALL of the potential income? In this article, I will explain how to calculate your TRUE Return On Investment. I would like to make it clear, before we get started, that the calculations I share are purely for demonstration […]

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New Tools For Facebook Group Admin

New Tools For Facebook Group Admins

Have you heard about the new tools for Facebook Group Admins? If you are admin of a group you are in for some exciting new tools to make your life easier.At the first ever Facebook Communities Summit held in Chicago, Mark Zuckerberg highlighted how important the group communities within the platform have become and announced […]

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type of facebook page

Which Type Of Facebook Page Is Best For My Business?

Do you know which type of Facebook page is best for your business?It can be very confusing when you first start creating your Facebook business page, when the very first question confronts you with 6 options. But which one do you choose?In this article, I will explain what each page type offers and what types […]

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