Are you struggling to keep up with your Blogging Activities?

Then this FREE Calendar is for you...

Never miss another deadline for your blogs again. This template has been designed to keep you on track with your blogging activities and the results you achieve with sections to track ...:-

green_globe_ok_tic_584   That your content is aligned with your Business Message

green_globe_ok_tic_584  Approaching Deadlines, formatted to highlight when you are about to miss a creation date.

green_globe_ok_tic_584  SEO keywords being used to reach More Readers and get the best results.

green_globe_ok_tic_584  Your marketing goals and results to assess what has worked well and where there are areas for improvement

green_globe_ok_tic_584 Ideas brainstorming section so you never forget those lightbulb moments!

Providing regular, valuable content is a great way to build relationships with potential customers. Giving them some 'gold nuggets' and showing your expertise. In turn, increasing the 'Know. Like & Trust' factor.!

As an ethical marketer, I have a passion for helping businesses and organisations to succeed online and personally use this calendar to keep my activities on track. That is why I wanted to share this resource with you, so that you too can ensure you never miss a deadline again!

Suzii Fido - Co-Founder of Marketing with Ethics Ltd