OUR VISION - To support ethical businesses and organisations to build a brighter, more sustainable future.

Hi, my name is Suzii Fido and I am the co founder of MARKETINGwithETHICS.com.

I spent 4.5 years as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) consultant for IBM, helping them to improve the largest financial software application in the global market, with in-depth test analysis and defect recognition. This, along with over 8 years Direct Sales & Marketing experience enabled me to successfully help my husband to set up our own E-commerce business.

I received training from the number one ranked AdWords Trainer in the world to expand my knowledge in the digital marketing sector and successfully completed the extensive Google Certification at Google HQ in London.

Since then I have helped a diverse range of companies such as  high net worth Insurance, web design and local businesses with a special interest in helping   ethical and environmental companies to expand their philosophies and brand awareness.

As an ethical marketer, I have a passion to only give the best advice to ensure customers benefit in today’s competitive market.

martin fidoHi, my name is Martin Fido and I am the co founder of MARKETINGwithETHICS.com.

With a diverse background starting in the public and private scientific industries, I moved into a sales environment before concentrating on combining my passion for the environment and all things natural with the skill set I’ve picked up along my career path.

The first incarnation of this was as Recycling Manager for ‘The Green Home’, an environmental and social enterprise based in Scotland. As a founder employee I revelled in setting up the systems and processes that enabled us to combine protecting the environment from waste and providing, not only quality reusable goods for the less fortunate, but also providing volunteer and employment opportunities to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to volunteer in a diverse array of charitable organisations, not least of which, was two summer seasons working for the Katelios Group protecting Loggerhead turtles on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

This led, amongst other experiences to my desire to use my working life as well as my free time to promote and protect the wildlife and ecology of our world and so Earth and Nature Ltd online store was born, utilising my knowledge of ingredients from my scientific employment and a combination of environmental passion and sales experience to promote it.

This led to the necessity to become knowledgeable about Internet Marketing and the conception of Marketing with Ethics Ltd and the opportunity to promote our fellow ethical businesses with a passion that matches their own.