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8 Secrets To Improve Your Google AdWords Results Today!

When discussing Google AdWords with potential clients, most fall into one of the three following categories.

1. Those that use it and don’t get the best out of it
2. Those that WANT to use it but don’t know where to start
3. And those that don’t even realise the benefits so haven't thought about using it to increase their business

The third category is the easiest to overcome. Every business wants to increase revenue and Google AdWords is the quickest way to generate quality leads to your website from day one, if managed correctly.

I recently took on a client who fell into the first category. He had been using Google AdWords for 16 months with limited results. At the point of taking on his account, it had been paused for 8 months as he had lost faith in the opportunities this tool can generate.

In just nine weeks we exceeded the total number of leads received from his previous campaign, even with a reduction in his weekly budget of 60%, giving an incredible 2000% improvement in performance overall! Sounds impossible doesn’t it? But its not. I’m not saying this is an average case by any means but it shows how you can waste good money down the drain in the wrong hands, yet with a few tweaks, the potential is unlimited.
In this blog I am going to reveal some of the secrets to his success………

1. Keyword Research

keyword research
Use Keyword Planner to generate Keywords
It is essential to know your market and keyword research can generate literally thousands of keywords that your potential customers are using to search for your products or services online. The simplest way to get you started is to use Google’s very own ‘Keyword Planner’. Type in a keyword that best describes your business and receive an extensive list of all recent searches for anything associated to your keyword, including a count of how many times this has been searched for and the estimated bid cost so you can budget accordingly.

In the case above this created over 1,000 opportunities and just as importantly, identified over 150 negative keywords that could have cost him valuable budget. (I will go into Negative Keywords further down)

2. Create Hundred’s Of Ad Groups

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to only create a handful of Ads and assign many keywords within each one. This can seriously reduce your Quality Score and increase your Cost Per Click (CPC). Using the results from Keyword Planner, we created hundreds of Ads using the keyword as the headline (after all this is what the searchers have actually typed into Google!). Getting the right wording in the description line can be daunting too. Take a look at what your competition is doing and BE DIFFERENT. ‘You need to stand out from the crowd’ and engaging your audience with a question and a solution is a great way to get their attention.

3. Split Test

Once you have your headline and description you need to split test. To do this you create a copy of your Ad and change just a small part i.e. one description line and monitor the performance of each ad over a week or so and select the ad wording which is generating the best results. Dispose of the underperforming ad and create a new one using the same process. Repeat this method CONSTANTLY, testing the same keywords with different wording. The results will surprise you!

4. Negative Keywords

Add Negative Keywords at Campaign Levelnegative keywords

Negative keywords are just as crucial as getting your headlines right, or your hard earned money could be flushed at an alarming rate. You don’t want customers clicking on your ads when searching for a product or service you cannot provide, so setting up and maintaining a comprehensive list of negative keywords is a priority. If you sell Eco Friendly toiletries but not eco gadgets, you don’t want someone clicking on your ad when they search for eco friendly kettle as this costs you money so ‘kettle’ would be added to your negative list and always set these at Campaign Level.

5. Extensions

Site, Call and Location extensions give more information about your products and services available and improve your Quality Score. It is especially important if you want to increase your local business. Showing a local telephone number tells a potential customer you are near them and showing other categories you specialise in can show them you have a lot more on offer.

6. Landing Pages

Directing your potential customers to the information they are looking for in one click is essential. If a customer has to search around your website to find what they need they will soon give up. Make sure your website is user friendly and eye catching. Never send all of your ads to your homepage as this can seriously damage your Quality Score.

7. Targeting

Targeting effectively ensures that your adverts get in front of the right people, in the right place at the right time. If you are selling advertising space in a local magazine you are wasting budget displaying your advert to the whole of the UK at 3am on a Sunday morning! Setting the geographical area and scheduling the times that your adverts are displayed allows you to optimise your budget.

8. Bid Optimization

Increase your Ad position with Bid Optimisationbid optimisation
Never leave Google to set an auto bid for each of your keywords. Best practise is to set a default maximum bid and monitor daily. Your maximum bid is a major factor in your ad placement (Average position) along with the quality of your ad. With a good quality score, you can improve your positioning by increasing the bid against individual keywords. E.g. if your quality score is 7/10, your maximum bid is £2.30 and your average position is 4.2, then simply increasing your bid can improve your position into the top 3.

Simply applying the techniques above when starting a campaign or adjusting your existing one can give you instant results and that’s just the start. There are many other features that are available with Google AdWords that will generate quality leads and I will go into these in more detail in future blogs.

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8 steps google adwords

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