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6 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are The Smart Option

Are you on the fence about Facebook Ads?

Are you worried that it will be too expensive and not get the results you want?

We all know that an active presence on social media is key for the success of any business and with over 2 Billion active monthly users (July 2017), Facebook is the mother of them all.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be heard and with an average of only 2-5% of your page followers even seeing your posts, it can feel like an impossible task. That’s where Facebook Advertising steps in. Facebook Advertising gives you the loudspeaker to shout across the noise and help you stand out and it doesn’t have to cost the earth to do it. We have successfully achieved a great Return On Investment for our clients for a small daily budget (under £10 in some cases). Still on the fence? Let me tell you the main benefits of Facebook Advertising.

1) Cheap

When you compare to other marketing strategies, Facebook has always come out as the cheapest advertising platform available. You can create ads for as little as £1.00 per day and still get results!

2) Greater Reach

For a small budget you can reach literally thousands of prospective customers and with 84% of Facebook users accessing via mobile (Jan 2017), you can even reach them on the go, unlike TV advertising which is very costly.

3) Laser Targetingtargeting

With hundreds of Facebook demographics available including age, gender, marital status, location, job position and interests to name just a few, you can really laser target your advertising to your ideal client at a
fraction of the cost compared to other media formats. For example, if you are a Solicitor in Portsmouth offering assistance for Asbestos related injury claims, you can choose to only target individuals within a particular radius of Portsmouth between the ages of 25-65 with a job position in the highest risk areas. With this much detail, you are far more likely to gain enquiries from the customers you seek and get a great Return on Investment.

4) Remarketing

Adding a Facebook Pixel to your website gives you the ability to remarket your website visitors within Facebook. This can give a great Return on Investment as they clearly have an interest in your product/service if they have looked you up so when you create adverts to this specific audience they are already ‘warm’.

5) Testing Capabilities

When you are advertising it’s always advisable to test different options e.g. images, wording, audience etc and with Facebook Advertising this is very simple. With the statistics showing which ads have attracted the desired outcome you can quickly see which is performing better and change the lower performing ads to constantly improve your results

6) Measure Resultsmeasure results

There is no point in running a campaign if you are not going to measure the results and adapt your campaign accordingly. With the statistics page in Ads Manager, it’s very easy to see so many different statistics from cost per click, how many people reached, age and gender of the responses, device used and much, much more, giving you valuable data to help you make accurate decisions on both the current and future advertising campaigns.

So there you have my 6 top reasons why Facebook Ads are the smart option. Do you know of any other reasons to add to the list? We would love to hear them and your success stories in the comments below.

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