5 Marketing Updates You Need To Do During The Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic having a global effect, it is easy to get overwhelmed with concerns about the health of yourself and your business. In this article, I share 5 marketing update you NEED to do during the crisis to ensure that your brand doesn’t become a victim to the aftermath.

Check Your Scheduled Marketing Activities5 Marketing Updates You Need To Do During The Crisis

Many business owners would have implemented a marketing strategy as the beginning of the year and although it is essential to keep your marketing going, you want to check those posts, articles and emails that are already scheduled, to ensure that the content is not insensitive to the current situation.

A perfect example of something you want to avoid is the mistake that Spirit Airlines made when they sent a email to their customers with a subject headline ‘Never a better time to fly’ whilst numerous public health experts were urging people NOT to fly to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

This was a marketing campaign that had been created and scheduled before the coronavirus had developed into a pandemic and was never checked. Although they realised their mistake immediately and stopped the distribution, 25% of their customers received the email and the backlash on social media was huge.

Check Your Contact Information

Check all information on any customer facing platforms i.e. website, social media and update any contact telephone numbers that may have changed due to working from home. Also update any opening hours if these have changed too.

If your telephone number has changed, see if you are able to divert the calls rather than changing the number completely as this keeps consistency in the business and maintains separation between business and personal life.

Keep Your Connections Updated

Keep your connections (social media followers, mailing list, existing customers & suppliers) updated with what is changing in your business. Whether it is change in contact details, products or services that are no longer available or possibly new products or services that have been developed during the crisis.

Keep your connections informed of the measures you have taken to ensure the safety and continuity of your staff and customers. This shows that you are taking responsibility and that you care.

Update Your Website5 Marketing Updates You Need To Do During The Crisis

As well as updating any contact information on your website, add a popup banner or a message on your homepage to let people know if you are still trading during these difficult times and how you can still support them.

A simple message lets your audience know that you are still in business (even if you are not currently trading) and it is a good opportunity to promote an offer.

Update Your Marketing Strategy

Now, more than ever, businesses have to be very careful where they spend their money, so updating your marketing strategy and paying particular attention to your ideal customer persona, ensures that your marketing is the most effective it can be.

Maybe you have a new product or service that you have developed to diversify your business, helping to generate income until you can go back to normal trading. Create content to promote this.

Give helpful tips to your audience to help them get through the difficult times. Our marketing was all planned and I certainly didn’t have these blogs in mind before the pandemic hit, but being there to support others is something I thrive on and now is a time that marketing support and advice is desperately needed, so my marketing content has changed dramatically from what was originally planned.

Finding online methods that you may not have considered in your strategy before can help you to rise up above the competition. What marketing did you have planned that you can no longer do i.e. events? What other activities can you do to replace this? There are many alternatives available.

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This is Suzii, signing out til next time. Stay home and stay safe x

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