15 Tips For Increased Facebook Marketing Success

We’re all told that if we have a business, we have to be active on social media and we read blog after blog telling us to write this kind of post and that kind of post. Don’t get me wrong, this advice is great (I’ve been known to give similar advice myself!), but just knowing WHAT to put in your content doesn’t make your page successful! You need to know how to interact with your followers to truly reap the benefits that Facebook can bring.

In this article I’m going to share some of the secrets that we Social Media marketers use to help build the brand awareness for our clients.


The more information you can complete on your fanpage profile the better. Use the short and long description fields to tell people what you do and how you can help them. You have created the page to build awareness, so it doesn’t make sense to leave out information that can give people more knowledge to get to know who you are and contact details to reach out to you.


Group pages use ‘Pinned Posts’ all the time to explain the rules of the group and these are posts that are at the top, above all other posts, no matter what date they were added. As a business page, you can use this to your advantage to display you most important message to your fans. Whether it’s your latest giveaway or an introduction, or you can put a welcome message or video on to let people know what THEY will gain from being a follower of your page. To create a ‘Pinned Post’, simply write your status or add a video and then post it. Then in the top right hand corner of the post you will see a small down arrow. Click on this and you will see the option ‘Pin to Top’ and voila you are done.


Having 100 active followers who like, comment and share your posts is far more valuable than 10,000 likes with no interaction! Facebook moderates everything added and will use algorithms to decide if it thinks your status is something people will want to read. A common misconception is that ALL your fans will be shown everything you write, the harsh reality is that only 2-6% will actually have the opportunity to read your pearls of wisdom depending on interaction and number of page likes. If, however, you have good interaction, Facebook will deem you content to be more popular and a higher percentage will then see your posts, giving your brand more exposure.


I’ve seen so many situations where businesses have paid for 1,000’s of likes to make them look more successful online. However, you will never get any engagement from these ‘fans’ and your post reach will continue to reduce as per point 3. Think about it. You have 50 REAL followers and 1,000 bought followers. Let’s say Facebook displays your post to 5% of your followers. What are the chances of many of the 50 genuine fans every seeing your content? In addition, if you choose to do Paid Facebook Advertising, you can create a ‘lookalike’ audience based on the common profile of your existing fanbase, giving you a great opportunity to advertise to 1,000’s of other people with a similar interest in your product or service. If your fanbase is made up of ‘Paid fans’ these are not going to be your true target audience and therefore, any ‘lookalike’ audience won’t be either. So, not only are you wasting money buying the ‘page likes’, you will also be throwing money down the drain advertising to people who will NEVER be interested in your products or service.


If someone comments on a post, ALWAYS respond. This is a great opportunity to start building a relationship with potential customers and is more likely to result in more people interacting as they can see that you are interested in what they have to say. If you say nothing, people will eventually give up saying anything and your interaction will drop, resulting in a reduction of post reach.


It’s a business page, so your first thought is to respond in a professional manner which is true, but it’s just as important to ALWAYS BE YOURSELF! Fans don’t want to talk to a robot. They want to know that you really care about them that you want to help them. As I always say, People buy from People, and building relationships and trust is the best way for followers to get to know the person/team behind the brand.


Yes you want to sell your product or service, but fans don’t want it rammed down their throats every two minutes. There should always be something of value to them on your page that doesn’t mean they have to put their hands in their pockets! Whether it’s useful hints and tips or some humour to get them through their day, with a splattering of what you have available. Sales posts should account for less than 20% of your overall content.


You should always ask yourself ‘Is this post what my followers want to see?’ If you want engagement from fans then it has to be information they enjoy or can use and want to respond to. Put yourself in their shoes


You are not in an exam, so don’t write an essay! Keep your posts short and to the point and use images to grab their attention.

10) KEEP UP TO DATEnews-65343_640

Fans have followed your page because they have an interest in your industry. Keep up to date with what is happening in the world within your field of expertise and tell your fans about it. This will not only show you have your finger on the pulse, but will also show you as the ‘Go To’ person within your field.


Keep an eye out for spam comments and delete them immediately! Then warn the person that they will be blocked if it happens again. Unless invited to do so, people should not be using your page to advertise their business or promote something. Negative comments, however need to be treated with care. Unless these are unsolicited insults these should NOT BE DELETED. All businesses will receive a complaint at some point and Social Media is the most common platform for customers to do this on. Acknowledge their complaint and express your desire to bring the situation to a satisfactory conclusion then speak to them through private messaging or phone. NEVER GO INTO DETAIL ON THE PUBLIC FORUM. Leaving the complaint in view and acknowledging it will show others that you are genuine and you want to solve it. On most occasions, a genuine complaint that is dealt with quickly and efficiently results in an updated post from the complainant thanking you for dealing with it so quickly, which turns a possible negative situation into a positive for all to see.


I often see auto posting between twitter and Facebook and this is a BIG NO NO. Twitter and Facebook are very different social networks, with different communities and needs. Posting identical statuses on both will reduce the interest levels as people don’t want to see the same content everywhere they look. Tailor your posts according to the audience whilst maintaining the brand message.


Your brand is your identifier. Keep it the same across all platforms – website, social media & printed material. You want people to recognise your brand so that when they see it they know it’s you. When we rebranded MARKETINGwithETHICS.com I went into Facebook with all my connections’ business cards to like their pages and only a small percentage were easily recognisable as the business as there was no continuity. You don’t want this happening when a potential customer is looking for your Facebook page and doesn’t click ‘Like’ because they are not sure if it is you or not!

14) BE AVAILABLEstick_figure_out_of_monitor_800_clr_1936

There is no point taking the time to post content to encourage engagement and then never checking back to see if there has been any comments. The quicker you respond, the more interaction you will receive. Check your page regularly (I leave mine open all the time) and answer any questions or acknowledge comments as soon as you see them.


‘Insights’ is a fantastic tool within Facebook that reveals so much information about your fans, from which posts they like the most to what days you receive the best interaction. You can even see when most of your followers spend the most time online. Armed with this kind of data, you can decide which types of posts to add more regularly and the best times to do so, giving you a higher probability of continued engagement.


So now you have some of the secrets that we Social Media marketers use on Facebook business pages. Which of these have you used successfully?

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15 ingredients for increased facebook success

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