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green_globe_ok_tic_584   How to create the RIGHT first impression when potential clients visit your page

green_globe_ok_tic_584   How to turn negative comments on your page into Success Stories (come on admit it...we all get them at some point!)

green_globe_ok_tic_584   How to AVOID costly mistakes that result in reduced reach

green_globe_ok_tic_584   How to see what is working so you can do more of it!

green_globe_ok_tic_584   How to be more effective with your post content

green_globe_ok_tic_584   And much, much more.....


WARNING! This eBook is NOT for people who are not willing to take action! If you are the kind of person that wants to read lots of tips but not do any of the actual work to make things happen, then close this browser now!

This eBook is designed specifically for action takers who want to make a difference.





"Doesn't look like a daunting read"

steve-bimpson-round"The layout and format is really neat. It looks great and doesn't look like a daunting read (unlike some eBooks I've received from other sources).

The 15 Ingredients - the do's and the don'ts - all make perfect sense and I can see how they will work together to help build my Facebook (and online) success. I like the way everything's explained in a simple, straight forward way that anyone can understand - and, more importantly, apply."

Steve Bimpson - Think BiG


"Excellent eBook, not just in content but also in the layout throughout"

sofica-pacifico-roundBeing in the know of the latest changes within social media and digital marketing is a must and as a Social Media Strategist & Trainer that is on the top of my list so I absolutely agree with all the points explained in this well thought out eBook – 15 Ingredients For Increased Facebook Success by Suzii Fido of Marketing With Ethics. Investing in our business is crucial so that we can inform our clients and be able to achieve the must needed “ROE” (Return On Engagement).

Suzii does this in an ethical and authentic way because she takes the time to know your brand and your voice and that is the difference between a very active engaged page and one that is been left hearing “crickets”. Excellent eBook, not just in content but also in the layout throughout. Easy and clear to read and straight to the point. Not too much and not too little.

Sofia Pacifico Reis - Increase Your Social Reach

"This is a great round up"

karen-williams-round"Wow this is a great round up of the dos and don'ts when it comes to building your community on Facebook.

A comprehensive summary of tips and ideas, this is a great starting point for any new or growing business. Thanks Suzii!"

Karen Williams - Librotas





Suzii Fido is the co founder of MARKETINGwithETHICS.com and has over 8 years Direct Sales & Marketing experience.

After receiving indepth training in the digital marketing sector she used her knowledge to successfully run an online eco store with her husband Martin Fido.

Since then, she has spoken at several business events and written articles and books, just like this one, to help other business owners increase their brand awareness online.

However, Suzii doesn’t just give advice. As an ethical marketer, she has 'tried and tested' all of the methods personally as her passion is to give the best advice to ensure businesses are successful in today’s competitive market.

She now consistently helps a diverse range of companies, with a special interest in supporting ethical and environmental organisations to expand their brand awareness.

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