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12 Secrets To Increase Results on Facebook Live

Have you tried Facebook Live?

Would you like to get better results for your hard work?

Despite some feelings about Facebook, it has become the number One Social Media platform to promote your business, regardless of size or target market.

With 1.65 million monthly visitors and 1 million of them logging on DAILY, every business can benefit from having an active Facebook presence.

However, Facebook stepped it up a gear when they introduced Facebook Live. Giving marketers and businesses the opportunity to reach out to their audience in real time and then results have been phenomenal.

Facebook Video Statistics 2016

But it’s not only the experienced marketers that can take advantage. With Facebook giving priority viewing to videos, especially Facebook Live videos, even the small business owner can achieve up to 135% increase in organic reach. But how do you know if you’re getting the best you can from the experience? In this article I will be sharing the 12 secrets so you can rock on Facebook Live from your very first broadcast.

So let’s get started with the first 4 things BEFORE you even press the broadcast button


1) Advertise That You Will Be Live

Let your fans know on all of your social platforms when you will be live and what the viewer will get out of it to make it worth them tuning in. Make sure you remind them again a few minutes before the event

2) Make Sure Your Battery Is Charged

There is nothing worse than getting into a broadcast with lots of interaction and having to cut it short or losing the stream altogether because your battery has run out. Make sure you FULLY charge your phone/tablet in plenty of time or better still, be in a location where you can stay plugged in.

3) Check The Camera Setup

When you have decided where you want to broadcast from, switch to camera view so you can see what the viewers will see. This way you can ensure the lighting is right and that there are no unsightly objects in the background like dirty washing.

4) Create An Eye-catching Headline

Once you are ‘established’ on the live scene, many viewers will automatically tune in because they know and love the content you share. However, if you are looking to increase your following you will want to create a headline that peaks interest. E.g. ‘Rock It On Facebook Live With These Top Tips’ will gain far more interested than ‘Some Tips To Help You With Facebook Live’.

The next 4 tips we will look at are actions to take DURING your broadcast


5) What Are The Viewers Going To Get?

Tell viewers ASAP what they will get out of your broadcast. Whether its top tips, some latest news within your industry or an opportunity to ask questions and gain advice.

6) Ask Viewers To Subscribe

Ask your viewers to subscribe to notifications of future broadcasts to make sure they don’t miss out on future events. They can do this by going onto your page and hovering over the ‘Liked’ button, then ensuring notifications (on Live Videos) is ticked. This is usually defaulted to ‘On’, but get them to check to be sure and tell them how they can do it.

7) Give Value To Your Viewers

Remember to ALWAYS focus on giving value to your viewers. If your content is of no interest or doesn’t help them in some way, they will soon switch off and are unlikely to watch any future broadcasts.

8) Have a ‘Call To Action’

Whenever you are doing a live broadcast, you have a goal in mind. Whether it’s to increase engagement, advertise an upcoming event or promote a free eBook. Therefore, you will want to end your broadcast with a ‘Call To Action’ (CTA). This may be a link to the eBook or webinar registration or a reminder of your website for them to check something out on there (maybe a blog about the subject you have just discussed)

The final 4 tips we will look at are for AFTER you have completed the broadcast. It’s all well and good getting in front of the camera, but if you don’t follow up on it you could be missing out on potential sales!


9) Has Your Video Uploaded Successfully?

Make sure that the video has successfully posted to your fan page and watch it through to the end to ensure the full content is there. In some rare cases, parts of the video are clipped due to internet connectivity issues.

10) Download The Video

Once you have checked that your video has uploaded successfully, download it to your PC so that you can use the video footage elsewhere. E.g. YouTube channel, blog post and other social media platforms. This is a great way to repurpose your content and gain maximum potential reach online.


11) Add Call To Action Links

Add any links relating to the Call To Actions in the comments section to make it easy for viewers to access them. It sounds simple, but so many people will think ‘I’ll do that later’ if they have to physically type in a URL. However, if it’s under their nose and takes just a single click, the likelihood of them taking action immediately increases substantially.

12) Reply To Any Questions/Comments

You may only get a handful of live viewers, however, with the broadcast uploaded to your fan page, many people may watch the video after the even and have questions or comments. These are engaged followers so it is VITAL that you respond to each and every one of them. You never know, they could be your next customer!

So now you know the secrets to gain better results from your Facebook Live broadcasts, there is nothing stopping you. It’s not rocket science, it’s just plain common sense but these points are forgot too many times resulting in poor responses. Don’t let this happen to you.W

Do you have any tips that we haven’t shared? We would love to hear them in the comments below.

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