10 ethical ways to market your uniqueness

10 Ethical Ways To Market Your Uniqueness

Are you struggling to market your uniqueness?

With a world full of competition it can be hard for your business to get noticed. In this article, we explore 10 ethical ways to market your uniqueness and help you to stand out from the crowd.

1) Be Authentic

Don’t try to be something you’re not. Eventually the cracks will show and people will see who you really are. In order to attract the right people that you can serve, you need to show the real you. This includes your vulnerabilities too. Showing your human side makes you more relatable and people will appreciate your honesty and compassion.

2) Be Original

You may have a mentor that you admire and start to copy their style and even information. Before you realise, you are simply a clone. Find your own style. When giving tips and information, include your own opinion and perspective. This will help you stand out. Otherwise, why will people need to follow you, if you are not saying or demonstrating anything different?

3) Identify Your Core Values

What do you stand for? What are you passionate about, both personally and in business? Once you have identified your core values, incorporate them into every activity and add them to your social media profiles. When an opportunity arises, check in with your core values and ask yourself ‘Is this in line with what I/we stand for?’

4) Identify What You Want To Be Remembered For?

Imagine there are two people talking about you and one is explaining to the other who you are and what you do. What would you like them to be saying? Find 3 things and again, incorporate them into your message. Write about and give help and advice on those subjects and passions. Add them to your business profiles. My 3 things are to be remembered as a Google AdWords and Facebook Specialist, passionate about the environment and helping ethically focussed businesses and organisations to grow. We incorporate these by giving tips on Facebook and AdWords, only taking on ethically focussed businesses as Facebook & AdWords clients and in our personal life we love to recycle palettes into furniture, have adopted 7 stray cats and help with local animal and environmental charities.

When you consistently give out a clear message of these 3 areas, people will begin to remember you for them and your uniqueness will shine through.

5) What Will People Get From You?

In order to stand out, you need to be different in some way. What will people get if they follow you this is different to others within your industry? Does your restaurant provide a wider vegan range? Do you use different techniques in your training or do you show a different perspective on a situation?

Whatever it is that makes you different, make sure that people are aware of this so they can see what they would miss out on if they go to your competitor.

6) Build A Visual Brand

This one may seem obvious but I am talking about more than just a logo. When building a visual brand it’s also about your style and colour schemes on your website, blogs and social media profiles. Be consistent with the style of images and fonts used when you create your social media posts so that when people see them, they instantly recognise that it belongs to you.

7) Build A Personal Brand

Every business benefits from having a ‘Face’ of the organisation., whether large or small. Tesla has Elon Musk, Virgin has Richard Branson and if you own a small business it is likely to be you. Too many small business owners worry about having an image of themselves for fear of looking small. One of the largest social media influencers has their matriarch as the ‘Face’, with the lovely Kim Garst.

Have professional photos taken that are fun and show your personality. Don’t opt for the usual white background, business clothes and no smile. This is not a passport photo! Use this image when posting on social media, when giving tips or Facebook LIVE session reminders. Remember to incorporate your ‘3 things’ and when used together, you will start to build a personal brand.

8) Be Consistent

Being consistent with your message and core values will help to build your overall brand and presence. Posting regularly on your social media platforms will generate a loyal following of like-minded, potential customers as they feel happy in the knowledge that you will ‘Show Up’ and share valuable information and tips that are important to them.

9) Blog Regularly

If you haven’t started a blog yet, I highly recommend you do so. Blogging gives you many benefits including:-

  1. Showing your expertise on a subject
  2. Getting people to your website
  3. Helping with Google search rankings
  4. Helping you to reach a wider audience

When writing, be sure to show your personality and perspective on a subject. This will demonstrate your uniqueness and gives people a reason to read your articles over someone else writing about the same subject. If you are displaying facts and figures, share a link to the reliable source so that people know you are not plucking them out of thin air and ALWAYS share a ‘Call to Action’ to encourage readers to move onto something else you have created. This could be a free download, relevant to the subject (a great opportunity to obtain increase your email list) or another article that would be helpful. Still not sure how to get started? Check out our blog ‘How To Write A Great Business Blog’

10) Write A Business Book

This may seem like a very scary option to some, but it’s the next natural step from blog writing and can help to catapult your business to the next level.

You are an expert in your industry, after all, that’s why you started your business, and writing a business book is a great way to demonstrate that expertise to a much wider target audience. For more details of the benefits of writing a business book, check out our blog ‘How Writing A Business Book Can Transform Your Business’

As you can see, there are many ethical ways to market your uniqueness. What methods have you used? We would love to here in the comments below.

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This is Suzii, signing out for now. Have a great day everyone!

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